Why KoolKiss?

To live a unique exciting experience

  • For Customers

    Get a direct access to the kitchen. Few minutes last between the time the customer arrives to the restaurant/café and the time his order appears in the kitchen. Moreover, he could reorder instantly at any given time with no waste of time and without room for mistaken orders. The Menu will only display available items, so no more : " Sorry, this item is not available !!".

  • For Restaurateurss (requires a good Wifi/Internet connection!)

    ( 1 ) Perform a better time management during rush hours, ( 2 ) More time to address Service Quality, ( 3 ) Smart yield management approach "Undesirable products instantly removed, prices moving according to demand and Menus recreated any time at zero cost", ( 4 ) Discourage fraud and increase revenues, ( 5 ) Feel free to unsubscribe when ever you opt for.
    Only Costs 30$ per month!! (The first month is free)

  • For Both

    Users will enjoy total mobility. The restaurateur will have a total visibility over the processes whenever he is located. Should he be connected to a WIFI hotspot or have à 3G or 4G connection. For his part, the customer should be Wifi-enabled to enjoy The KoolKiss Experience.

  • For the Environment

    Our solution is eco-friendly (No more menu cards). It’s will become 100% green when moving to digital receipts and online payments in the near future.

Hoow it works?

Four steps to start


Once our App is installed by a restaurateur on his android device (other systems coming soon), he should initiate the configuration which ranges from users profiles (Waiters, Chef... ), tables ID to the Menu content.


With the provision that he's Wifi enabled, the costumer connects to the café/restaurant Wifi (The connection settings will be stored on his device for future use). By visiting our Website, the customer is redirected to the Menu.


To place his order, ( 1) the customer goes through the Menu and adds the items one by one, then (2) selects his table number before submitting his order. The Latter appears on the Manager and the waiter and the chef screens.


By the time the order is submitted, the receipt get printed in two copies. The Manager follows the order status to address delays and process disfunctions. The orders status moves from "ongoing" to "ready" before becoming "served".

  • We are
  • Free
  • Creative
  • Hard-working
  • Ambitious

Our team

Free to choose

We constantly dream and think of new ideas that find its roots in the real economy. Hence, we are at RE-Invent (KoolKiss parent company); thanks to available Open Source technologies, trying constantly to rethink different ordinary aspects of life.


We are young, engineers and financial experts

We all thrive by placing ourselves out of our comfort zones to reach inexperienced boundaries

Our Skills : Software engineering, Macro-Economy :), Finance and risk management

Our motto in life:
The pursuit of happiness

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